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Dyal Party Peeps was created by the beautiful and talented Elena Grace.  At just 13 years of age, she has worked diligently to make her dream a reality.  This young entrepreneur has taken a hands-on approach and has personally interviewed and hired seven local actors to play a princess and/or superhero.  She has also hired a web designer, social media team, face painter as well as approved all costume designs, implemented a superhero/princess training boot camp, and created a mission statement which follows as: 
Dyal Party Peeps mission is to create an unforgettable experience for children on their special day, reminding them that they can be heroes too!

​ Elena Grace credits dreaming big as one of the attributes that led to her success, but also states that
​"You can't just dream.  You have to work hard to make that dream come true."

Growing up as a military child herself, Elena Grace has experienced her daddy being deployed multiple times. This inspired her to take Dyal Party Peeps to a whole new level. In addition to offering children’s events, Dyal Party Peeps is excited about its new venture with Daddy Dolls, Inc. to support its new program “Heroes Delivering Heroes”.  This program will bring dolls made with an image of a loved one serving abroad.  The doll is designed to comfort children missing someone they love, and
now can be delivered by a superhero, making the experience unforgettable. 

Thanks to the inspirational Elena Grace, children in Onslow and surrounding counties are now able to invite their favorite costumed character to their party, while also enjoying a performance, photo opportunities, games, and more.

At such a young age, Elena Grace has shown an impressive entrepreneurial spirit and drive to work hard and achieve her goals. 

Her team at Dyal Party Peeps couldn't be more proud!!

To learn more,
or call 910.238.4221.