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My daughter got started here through a casting call for a local children's boutique. Since then we have had nothing but amazing results with everything they do. The dedication to every aspect of what the kids do here is phenomenal. My daughter was lacking in some areas of self esteem and not being able to make decisions that are right for her and falling into the influence of others just to be part of the "in" crowd. Now she has self esteem, knows her worth and that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. She isn't falling into the negative influences that most children face every day because she is able to make the right decision. I owe it all to the positive influence and energy that comes from every single coach and peer she has at Project Me. They aren't just another "studio" they are a family and everyone that walks through their door is treated as such.


Love, love, love them all!!! They are amazing with my kids and they can't wait for their next class. Definitely a one of a kind place.


These ladies are amazing. They treat everyone like family and have been amazing with my daughter. Love them.


Project me has been a true inspiration to our family. Our daughter's confidence has improved so much. They truly are a blessing and we are proud to be part of the Project Me family!!


I can't say enough good things about the Chicks at Project Me! They brought out the best in my son, and were the first step on his path to his current acting and modeling career! They are so talented and knowledgeable, and have a real understanding on what it takes to inspire kids on many different levels. We are proud to call these ladies our extended family.


I love Dyal Studios... Family atmosphere and the owner is so down to earth!


These chicks are hilarious!! Their shoes are amazing, they are beyond fabulous, which makes me feel fabulous, and they are awesome at what they do. I personally refuse to go anyplace else, I feel better about myself just being around them. They are sassy, high energy, loud, confident, and fun! 
​xox, Jenni K.
I had a really bad experience with another local photographer, and was extremely hesitant to even try to go to any photographer in this town. I was referred to Dyal by a close friend and am so thankful I decided to book. I was happy from the way they sounded on the phone when booking my appointment, to every detail during and after the session. Thanks chicks!

~Linda S

I won’t go anywhere else. I love my chicks!

~Ryan L.

My family and I have been going to the chicks and Dyal Photography for five years now, and I would never trust anyone else to photograph my family. Their energy and happiness is contagious, my entire family adores them. They have come to our home to take photos, allowed us to choose locations, and invited us to their amazing studio for private sessions. My husband tells me every time I say we need family photos that he refuses to smile for anyone but the chicks, and I agree! We love everything from how they act to the quality of photo they deliver. They are unique, sassy, fun, and truly the best photographers around. 

~Sarah B. 

I hate getting my picture taken, but in my line of work I have to update my head shot annually. I was dreading the session my entire way to the studio, as I walked in the chicks greeted me and immediately I felt better. They were helpful with what I should wear, and told me how to pose to make sure I would look comfortable and natural in my photo.  They let me sit with them while they pulled up my image so I could pick my favorite, they cleaned it up a bit and put it on a cd for me to take on the spot. The session was affordable, the photo was great, and the chicks are awesome.


I have been taking my daughter to the chicks for the past two years, and let me tell you.. they are truly amazing! My daughter is very stubborn and easily distracted, but she loves her chicks! They are always patient and loving with my little girl, I cannot imagine taking her any place else and receiving this kind of special treatment. Their studio has always been a happy place for myself and my daughter, from the way it looks to how it smells we always feel welcomed and at home. The chicks are so fun, they turn even the most stressful of photo shoots to the best time of our lives. My child cries every time we leave, and begs to go back and play with “her chicks”. We will be out in public and she will see a lady wearing high heels and go “look mommy, it’s the Dyal shoes”. We love our pictures every time, and love the people behind the camera. Thanks chicks. 

~Julie P.